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Here’s Why Watercolorists Love Their “Natural Expression" Weasel Hair Paint Brush Set!
  • Natural “Wolf” Hair Bristles: Natural “yellow-mouse-wolf” hairs that deliver strokes with bounce and resilience to lay paint with precision and a distinct ‘flow’ on the canvas. 
  • A Range Of Fine Detail Sizes: The set includes a large, medium and small extra fine detail rounds - 3 brushes with sizes ranging from 6, 5 & 4 for perfect artist’s versatility when painting! 
  • Precision In Craft & Make: Attention and care was put into every detail of the brush, from the all-natural bristles to the ergonomic wooden handles, suitable for comfortable long-hours use 
  • ​High-Quality Ferrules: Tightly pressed to hold the natural hair bristles in place, ensuring a smooth and precise lay of the paint and no bristle hairs getting stuck on the canvas. 
  • ​100% No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee: If the “Natural Expression" Weasel Hair Paint Brush Set isn’t everything you’re hoping for, just send it back within 60 days for a FULL refund!
Here’s What Watercolorists Are Saying About Their “Natural Expression" Weasel Hair Paint Brush Set
“This is the third time I’ve ordered these paint brushes and The fourth order is in the process. They are the best brushes that I have used, especially the no. 4 brush.”

“There’s no shedding. The handles are nice to hold and the bristles keep their shape even after multiple use. Couldn’t ask for more”

“These are very easy to hold, the shape is perfect and it makes the rubies of lines on any type of painting you are doing whether it be outlining or it be drawing tree branches. They are perfect!”

“This is a really great set for detail & fine work. I've dealt with better brushes, but rarely at this price point. I really appreciate the variety of tips. I bought them for watercolor painting and they've served me beautifully!”

Even better - it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! 

That's why any interested Watercolorist should click or tap the button at the bottom of the page and let us know where to send your “Natural Expression" Weasel Hair Paint Brush Set TODAY!
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